Patterdale Puppy Training- Socializing Your Pup

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In this video the pups are 5 weeks old and we focus on socializing the pups around people and other pups. We keep the sessions fairly short and fun for the pups. Towards the end you will see the gentle backhand used when any pup shows aggression towards a litter mate.

Even in play and at the food bowl aggression on another pup cannot be tolerated. As a handler you have to stay on top of it and observe. They soon learn that aggression on litter mates will not be allowed.

We believe its this early socialization and discipline that allows us to hunt our terriers in groups later in life

The “tools” in this video are just a couple scrap pieces of plastic pipe and a strip of tanned deer-hide tied to a piece of felt weather stripping

In next weeks video we should have some outside stuff set up as an enclosure with rats to introduce the pups to “game” for the first time

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