Patterdale Terrier Puppy Training -Week 20- Creek Hunt

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Our pups just turned 5 months old and we had a break in the weather so we took them to the creek this morning

This is only their second trip to the creek and they worked it well with Boomer and Lil Bit

Digging To Roughneck's Lil Bit
Roughneck’s Lil Bit

Hunted started off normal as usual with Boomer locating in a hole down the creek a ways. Turned out to be an Armadillo and not worth the nearly impossible dig in the tree roots of the creek bank.

After we got the pups and Boomer on leads, Lil Bit decided to differ with us on the worthiness of an armadillo  and got way back in the hole and got hung up. Got worrisome for a bit but after a few hours we were able to free her and moved them on down the creek.

Pups Working A Possum
Pups Working A Possum

The pups hit on a hollow log in the creek the grown dogs didn’t like. I was proud of the pups locating on their own so went to check, got there just in time to have a skunk launch a yellow spray at me while trying to get the pups away. I was able to duck the brunt of it but got nailed in the shoulder.

Rest of the hunt was pretty “rank” smelling but we continued on. Boomer half heartedly hit on a hollow log, becoming a bit bored and curious to see what he had, I split the log open and a snake jumped out!

Boomer cant seem to pass up turtles, frogs and snakes.

We cast them on down the creek again and they located and pulled a possum from a hole in short order and before we could get to them.


Was REALLY glad to call this hunt “OVER” as it was exhausting and really got worried when we could not get to Lil Bit. We have lost several good terriers on that creek!

Overall it was a good experience for the pups- they worked the creek well for pups and got to learn and take in new experiences with ending on a good note with the possum at the end.

I do a lot of talking to the dogs when they hunt and two commands you will get tired of hearing in our videos is “Check It” and ‘Hunt For Them!”They learn that when I shout these commands I want them to check a tough to get to area. I use it alot in this video because I want the pus to learn it- which they seem to be.

I use it quite a bit on young dogs AFTER they encounter game. Then they seem to think when I say it- it’s about to happen and work harder.

My thoughts anyways

Not a real exciting video but an opportunity to watch terriers work together for those who enjoy that

We will see if we can get the pups on a coon in the next couple weeks

Until then- Happy Hunting!

Get them out and get them some work!