Patterdale Terriers and Fair Fights

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A Bit about Fair Fights and Working Terriers.

The above is Molly demonstrating her gameness in a “Fair Fight”

With 17,000 subscribers and millions of views you can image we get quite a few comments. ( Thanks to all of you for the views and for subscribing!) Randi and I enjoy bringing the videos to you as much as you enjoy watching them!

With our YouTube videos we get a number of negative or just plain stupid comments that don’t make the cut and I wanted to discuss those for a moment.

We moderate ALL comments so the stupidity is never seen by the viewing public. I personally give them little more than a glance before deleting them and blocking the person who penned them from viewing our videos in the future.

(To those who came here from the original YouTube video- thanks and welcome to our page!)


Now about our thoughts on “Fair Fights”

Fighting, in general, was never meant to be “fair” as in “all participants are to follow a certain set of ground rules”. Fair fights only exist in the minds of men.

Fighting by its very nature is savage and without rules or definitions. In nature, fighting is about inflicting as much damage on your opponent while receiving as little damage as possible. That is the most basic law of how Survival of the Fittest works- Plain and Simple.

Guys complaining about “That’s not a fair fight” in comments are the same guys that have never been involved in a fight in their life and would cower at the thought of it. These cowards want to “spectate” from the safety of the sidelines at the expense of those fighting.

I think many of them likely come here from the dog fighting ranks. Again, most are cowards that had their milk money taken from them by the school bully, never making a stand and now trying to justify their existence as a man with with all with this “honorable fair fight” crap.

Here is a lesson about fair fights in nature.

In Nature, ALL dogs evolved from the Wolf. Wolves are pack animals. They hunt in a pack. That’s why they are still here! It’s not rocket science.

Terriers Are The Same.

We have been blessed to own and work great terriers who also reproduce great terriers.

Lil Bit and her Dad Rumble

What Makes a Great Terrier?

There is something deeply moving inside a Patterdale Terrier. These terriers posses bravery and courage unsurpassed by any species of the animal kingdom ( including Man)

The lives of those terriers worked the hardest are generally short and filled with pain. During his recovery- if he can walk- he is ready to go again. No backing down, No excuses. Take me to the fight!

Few men of the past have ever possessed this same honor in their lives . Even fewer today!

I prefer Patterdales over people and that includes most breeders and handlers. Most men want to ride on the fame that the TERRIERS earn and rightly deserve. It’s all about THEM and THEIR YARD and seldom the terriers. Then- when too many ‘bad words’ are spoken about them, they quickly get out of the business because they got their feelings hurt.

Roughneck’s Ax

You ever see a good Patterdale get out of the game because he got is feelings hurt? That was a rhetorical and purposely stupid question. Of course not.

The guys that get out when the bad mouthing starts are the same guys always complaining about “fair fights” and “one dog on quarry” yet when the going gets tough all they do is whine and complain right before they tuck tail and run, closing up shop and selling off or more likely GIFTING their entire yard overnight.

Roughneck’s Eve

Good Riddance.

Again, I respect the terriers more than the men. Terriers don’t whine. Terriers dont complain. Terriers dont take to facebook to complain and trash all other terriers that will listen with ignorance.

A good terrier has honor- its bred into him. He does not give a damn if the terrier in the house next to him hunts or is a companion or pet. A good terrier does not live by man-made rules that were designed to make men adore other men. A good terrier just gets it done, alone or in a pack. He does not give a damn about what other terriers think about him. This vanity is reserved for men.

So if you are here looking for a “fair fight”-go fight cancer “one on one”. Forget the doctors, forget the Surgeons. Go fight the fight “fair“.

If your home or business is getting broke into- forget calling the cops- GO FIGHT THE INTRUDERS FAIR!. Put the gun down- you cannot use that- it wouldn’t be a FAIR FIGHT.

When troops meet on the battlefield and one group is badly outnumbered, has ANY General EVER said “Lets just send an equal number of troops into battle so we keep it a far fight”? Of course not!

If you work terriers solely to see the fight, if you take joy in the pain inflicted on the quarry OR the terrier and treat your terriers as if they are uselessly expendable then you are a detriment to the breed as well as the sport. Personally we hope you never have the opportunity to own anything bred by us.

It’s important to some, and rightly so, that his terrier or the line he breeds can sustain damage and pain without giving up the fight. It’s the trait we ALL look for- none of us want to purposely breed quitters! So during an encounter at some point we let them go at it so they can express this trait if they have it. Good enough!

That does not mean they have to battle EVERY QUARRY to the DEATH over and over or even “one on one.” If your terrier has shown you he is not a quitter- Good Enough.

Lil Bit

Patterdale Terriers were bred and continue to be bred, for the most part, to locate their quarry and hold it until help arrives to dispatch it. That’s the terriers PURPOSE.

We have been blessed with Patterdales that do the above very well and in addition to locating and holding the game- they usually either kill it in the hole or pull it out and kill it. That’s great. We are fortunate- but the killing is not the purpose of the Patterdale Terrier.

To let your terrier battle to the death, over and over and over, to boost your own self worth or to impress other handlers is INSANITY. It shows without doubt, that you have no respect for the terrier or yourself. Lets not forget, the TERRIER is the only one even worthy of respect for what he does!

Here are my personal thoughts:
I do not and never have enjoyed the pain and death of the quarry. I do not enjoy the injury and suffering or the scars of the terrier. We work terriers for one simple reason and that is as an observer to the wonders and fury of Mother Nature. We have an in-person front row seat. As an observer we also there to protect the dogs- we are part of the “pack” during the hunt- it’s that simple.

When we hunt we usually take ONE of whatever quarry we are after- almost always allowing and aiding any others, if encountered, in their escape. ONE is enough for us. We don’t fill the tailgate of the pickup with dead animals we killed as photo ops just to impress other men. We leave the others for another hunt.

We WORK terriers. Our goal is to get EACH terrier as much experience as possible when they encounter quarry. That almost always involves working several dogs and several pups together. 2 grown dogs and 2 pups can EACH obtain the same needed experience to become a great terrier from a single raccoon. It would take FOUR HUNTS that were successful each in locating a raccoon, with FOUR different dogs and FOUR different trips to get the same experience for this group of terriers in a “one terrier hunt” scenario.

Training terriers in a sensible and serious fashion requires GETTING THE MOST out of each quarry encountered. Seems simple to me- some seem to struggle with it though.

I think this address the stupidity encountered on social media terrier sites. Some men won’t “get it” even after reading this. It’s a testament to their ignorance and with the advent of social media- we will have to suffer through them.

Those wanting to see ‘one on one” over and over lack ANY self respect and ANY respect for their terriers. I notice these folks are usually ” in and out” pretty quick but I have seen those that seem to last for YEARS as their failed ideals are their only claim to fame and perceived self worth.

So now- those of you who can no longer see our videos on youtube- at least while signed into your account-know that at some point you made a totally ignorant comment that I moderated/ maybe this will help you understand WHY.

To those offended by the views I have expressed here- save your breath! I would not give a damn if you respect us or look up to us or even agree with us!

We breed and hunt patterdale terriers because we are in it for the dogs- not the men and not trying to earn the respect of the ignorant.

Cursing us- our methods and our terriers will NEVER change the way we do things.

To those of you who made it this far- thanks for taking the interest to learn our thoughts.