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(UPDATED 1/16/22)

I apologize all pups in this litter have sold- please scroll down to bottom of page for next litter available

Roughneck Kennels Patterdale Terrier Puppies

Diggin Deep Rumble X Roughneck's Lil Bit
Diggin Deep Rumble X Roughneck’s Lil Bit

This will be Lil Bits last breeding, she has been crossed back to her long dead father Rumble using frozen semen. Lil Bit is unsurpassed in intelligence and drive. She competes to locate first and is never wrong- I started digging to her while she was locating her own game at 15 weeks old! She is a daughter of Rumble X Daisy. Both highly intelligent and hard workers, Rumble had the strongest bite of ANY terrier I have known to date. This was an expensive cross to make through AI and frozen semen. I am super excited about these pups. Please see photos below for what is available

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This cross represents the pinnacle of 10 years of line breeding the proven best to the best and it’s my hope that those who own these pups will bred them back into my line and further my years of work as a serious breeder.

Each pup requires a non-refundable deposit of $500. The balance of $2000 to be paid by 3/4/22 at 8 weeks

I can work with you to arrange pick up or transport- text me at 590-799-2444 with any questions

Video of Rumble

Digging to Lil Bit at 15 Weeks


Pedigree – Rumble Lil Bit Pups

Litter #2 Upcoming Pups

I have crossed Roughneck’s Brawler to Roughneck’s Cricket again as the last litter proved outstanding!

This cross was made Christmas Day of 2021. These pups will be $1500 and require a $500 non-refundable deposit- if you would like to get on the list for one of these pups please text me 580-799-2444 and I will keep you updated. Will post puppy pics pedigrees and videos soon

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