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Roughneck’s Brawler X Roughneck’s Crazy Pups!

After waiting over two years, I have FINALLY Bred Roughneck’s Crazy to Roughneck’s Brawler!
A bit of info about the pair:
After producing over 100 pups from my best hunting stock, Lil Bit had Roughneck’s Brawler! Produced by crossing our HOF Roughneck’s Lil Bit to our stud and HOF sire Diggin Deep Boomer -as Lil Bit struggled in labor, I KNEW this pup was different! He hit the ground as the strongest built pup I had ever seen! After several crosses, it’s been great to see he actually throws this trait in his offspring! I had waited years to have this pup!
Roughnecks Crazy is a closely related female to Brawler, and she’s even more beautiful.! I had a noted judge here from the UK and after being highly complimentary on all my terriers he surprised me by saying Crazy is as fine a female as he has ever seen-on either side of the pond! Her conformation, he explained, is as close to perfect as he has seen!
She may be pretty- but like her name states-she is ONE CRAZY BITCH. Highly intelligent but FIRECE
I should have pups in 9 weeks and will be taking a few deposits soon-you can text me at 580-799-2444
Pups are $1500