Puppy Training- Lead Breaking and Recall

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This video covers the basics of “Lead Breaking” which is getting your pup used to being walked on a leash and also “Recall” which is simply getting your terrier to come to you when you speak the command.

Lead breaking is pretty straight forward and basically involves attaching a lead or leash to the pups firmly fitting collar then staking the lead out in the yard for a few hours. It’s important to have a tight fitting collar that the pup cannot slip- BUt not so tight that it chokes. It’s also important that this is done in a shady cool spot and the pup has water available.

Usually the pup is going to scream and cry and hit the end of the lead and pull until he is give completely out. The pup is going to get hot during this so its important this is done in a cool spot with water.

I usually just leave them an hour or so-checking back every 15 minutes or so to make sure he is doing ok. Its pretty traumatic to the pup for the first few minutes but eventually he learns the leash is the master and settles down. Afterwards you can walk him on the lead a bit before putting him up away from distractions so he can process what he has learned.

If he pulls and hits the end of the lead after this- it will be time for another quicker session the following day done in the same manner.

Recall is a little more important as it can save your terriers life in the field and even at home. When your terrier is in danger you MUST be able to call him to you and away from the danger.

This is done with 100 ft of clothesline rope, repeating the “HERE” command over and over while gently pulling the pup to you. Smart pups pick it up quickly but even after they understand the command “HERE” they are going to test you. This is when the rope is no longer attached and involves you walking to the dog for however long it takes repeating the command “HERE” over and over. Sometimes you can walk to the pup in just minutes- sometimes it takes awaile, but if you want your dog to understand recall YOU MUST get him EVERYTIME he disobeys, otherwise you are just confusing him or only teaching him to obey “when he wants to”. You have to be patient- you MUST be consistent and you CANNOT use a heavy hand when working on this.

I hope you enjoy the video and discussion and that its helpful in bringing up your pup!