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We are now offering AIR shipping via American Airlines when heat restrictions permit. The cost for Air shipping is $600. This includes the airline fee, an airline-approved kennel and travel kit as well as a Health Certificate. The airline has a heat restriction and no puppies can ship if the temp at any of the airports along he routes has a temp forecast above 84 degrees for the time the pup is to spend at that location. This can make shipping in the hot months of July/ August difficult but with patience and working together we always get it done

If you have questions feel free to contact me at (580) 799 2444


You can also pick up your puppy here at our kennel located in Erick, Oklahoma, or we will work with you if you would like to use a puppy transporter.

Here is a list of puppy transporters I have contacted personally in the past. You need to contact several on the list to get quotes to your location. Please tell them the pick up location is Erick, Oklahoma.

Prices vary wildly- some transporters may be coming by here in the next day or two with pups going your direction and can add an extra pup to their trip fairly cheaply- Others may be weeks out from coming this way and could be more expensive so MY ADVICE is to contact as many transporter on the list as possible to get a quote and time for your transport

You can also join a Facebook group ANIMAL TRANSPORTS where you can post your transport needs in a post and get a huge number of responses quickly- I really encourage everyone to do this

(803) 669-4601

Sammy Bond

Melissa Smith
Carolina Express Transport
(803) 240-6937

Angela Ortiz
Top Rope Carriers
(678) 748-9488

Raymond Spinelli
Paws Express Transportation
(678) 895-1336

Kristal Chamberlain
(504) 316-5813

Kerry’s Animal Transport

Brian Ferguson
(615) 719-0801

(208) 702-2362

Tracey Christian
B&S Pet Transport
(580) 465-5077