Puppy Training Week 18- Possum Hunt

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Our pups just turned 18 weeks old and we really needed to get them out early this morning and get them some work before it turned hot!
Randi and I loaded Lil Bit and Boomer with their pups Brawler- Goosey and Melee. We also took Cricket who is a few weeks younger from our Grim X Eve cross.
Minutes after turning out the pups “Lil Bit” located on a dead hollow tree with the pups at her side.
We tied the grown dogs and let the pups work the young possum. He was the perfect size for these young pups!
After tying the grown dogs, Cricket was excited about playing with the grown dogs as they barked wanting loose!

She has been a real firecracker so we are not concerned that she did not get as involved as the other pups. She is going to be an awesome tiny little terrier as she has shown her drive to us over and over in the past so we don’t read too much into her being off her game this morning. It was a lot of excitement for a 16 week old pup!

As you work YOUR pups notice how we tie the grown dogs back and let the pups work the game on their own. It’s really a great opportunity for them to learn and mature.We let Lil Bit and Boomer in for a little fur at the end.

Should have other puppy training videos up in the weeks to come as we video this batch on their way to 1 year old.