Oklahoma Game Wardens Murdered My Dog Over Deer Hunting

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I have hastily put this together so those following the posts on social media on my FACEBOOK concerning Game Wardens Ambushing Us On The Creek, opening fire unannounced, killing my dog Grim- can see the lies and spin being put out by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife for themselves. I won’t share EVERYTHING I have here but will share a portion of it.

To bring you up to speed here is the story as aired by KFOR Channel 4 News in Oklahoma City this evening. We are about to go and sort the truth from the lies- but first please have a look at the story  which I owe a debt of gratitude to Jess Bruno for her work!


I should point out the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife is lying and will share screenshots between the landowner and my wife to show it

Please have a look at these screenshots between my wife and the landowner

Text Message With Actual Landowner
Text Message With Actual Landowner
Text message With Actual Landowner
Text message With Actual Landowner Page 2

LIE: “Officials with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation told News 4 the landowner is the one who called them, not sure who was on his property.”

TRUTH: The landowner makes it clear in the text message HE DID NOT CALL THEM! The landowner also makes it clear we HAVE PERMISSION to be on the property!

TRUTH: The Game Wardens on the scene have said the person that called them was “*ate *uinn” He is NOT the land owner but has land in the area and is known as a liar and a shit stirrer among locals-WHY ARE GAME WARDENS LYING?

“However, Hagen claims his dogs were not behaving in an aggressive manner and he still maintains that someone in the family had invited him to the property.” (See the messages attached from the landowner- it’s clear I had permission to be there AND the landowners told the game Wardens this when they called!


Further- if the dog was behaving in an aggressive manner- why was he dead around 30 yards in front of the Game Warden that shot him! How was he such a threat from 30 yards? Grim was a 15 lb Terrier- NOTHING MORE. He was NO THREAT.

We didn’t know Game Wardens were stalking us and setting up the ambush. Grim found them through the brush in front of us. Grim growled once and barked twice it seemed like- then I heard a rapid succession of gunfire-at least 6 -8 shots all in a row through the brush as fast as one can squeeze a trigger. IF GRIM WAS ATTACKING HIM-why did it take 6-8 shots to hit a dog that’s on your leg? Why was Grims withering dying body 30 yards from the game Warden? Lets see if the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife will say how many shots were fired at the dog- then I may post video that could show audio of all the shots! It should not take 6-8 shots to kill a dog that’s at your feet.

When I ran into the clearing to cover my dying dog and beg for the lives of the others, WHY was I forced to the dirt at gunpoint while they screamed at me to stay away from my backpack? Is this how Oklahoma Game Wardens are allowed to conduct “Permission Checks” on hunters? Ambush them-open fire on them-kill their dogs and force them to the ground with pistols pointed at them? WTF?

Another Terrier the Warden threatened to shoot and drew a bead on twice with his pistol while I screamed PLEASE DON’T!- Was a pup named Cricket who might weigh 8 lbs soaking wet! Why would an 8 lb puppy be such a threat to a grown man trained in law enforcement felt the need to kill her?

8 lb pup named ‘Cricket” the Game Warden drew a bead on TWICE and threatened to kill because she barked at him as I pleaded for her life

“It’s unclear right now whether or not he actually had permission to be there or not,” Farrar said.

What’s unclear? Read the text messages! This is the SAME information the Game Wardens were provided from the landowner!

I tried to SHOW the Game Wardens similar messages through messaging of my wifes phone from earlier -showing we had permission to be there but they refused to give me my phone or even LOOK at Them!

Each time I tried to say I had permission and could show them if only they would hand me my phone- they just repeated “No You Don’t!  “No You Don’t! They didn’t WANT me to have permission because they needed a reason for killing my dog and putting me face down in the dirt at gunpoint over a “Permission Check”!

They quickly realized they just fucked up bigtime! Now it’s ‘cover their asses’ time…

Ok let’s be clear about what I DO KNOW!

It was this guy named *uinn that called the Game Warden and GAME WARDENs have told several people this! WHY do they keep lying? Because it does not fit the lie they QUICKLY have concocted to cover their asses. How can you go in on a guy and his dogs like this if the the complaint is NOT even from the LANDOWNER– follow me? So they NEED it to be FROM the Landowner in a BAD WAY!

Keep reading as I am about to tell you more!

I could go on and on debunking the OFFICIAL LIES of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife but let me just put out there what I BELIEVE happened:

This *uinn dude- who is NOT the land owner but rather a known shit stirrer and know liar lives in the area and has land across the road south of where we  (and now I know also the Game Warden) are hunting. He is also the person who actually called the Game Wardens according to my ACTUAL law enforcement sources)

The Plot Thickens

The Head Game Warden in this soup sandwich of lies is also a family member of the LANDOWNER in the text messages shown above. This Game Warden/ family member apparently also Deer hunts the place I was on. He had NO IDEA I had permission to be on the place! In return, at the time I also had NO IDEA that a Game Warden or anyone for that matter was actively deer hunting the place!

I think we honestly were actually unknown to each other at this point.

Now with this land I am on (AND the Game Warden is currently prepping for deer season) sits directly across the road from this *uinn guys place- and both men being deer hunters I think it’s a reasonable assumption that they are friends or at least speak often. Again an assumption on my part.

Although I have never met (to my knowledge) this *uinn joker- I had a conversation with him once on the phone for around 30 minutes when he asked me to call him with a note left on my windshield.

Here is the note he left on my windshield

During the phone call he “sounded” like the nicest guy you could ever meet-Invited me to bring my dogs and hunt ALL his places- wanted to take me around and show me all of them and even give me keys so I could DRIVE down to the creeks! He said all he asked in return is that I don’t hunt during deer season because he had a 12 year old daughter that lived for deer season. ( which I am perfectly fine with and and express my appreciation to him several times for the opportunity to hunt)

I explained to him we would stay off until we got word from him and thanked him! I told him we would hunt the creek across the road to the north where we had permission ( the place described in the message screenshot)

I got off the phone with him and immediately called my wife and then a friend and said “This *uinn guy left a note on my windshield asking me to call him. I stop the truck on the side of the road right then and made the call- and even though everyone SAYS he is bat shit crazy and a LIAR and NOT TO TRUST HIM This was the nicest guy I ever talked to -then told both my wife and friend ALL the places he offered to let us hunt later in the year! About the keys etc.. At this point I’m pretty stoked about it and VERY grateful!

So maybe a week passes and I return to the place where we have the permission ( again described in the attached screenshots) hunt the dogs down to the fence to the north then turn back to the truck- maybe a 1/2 mile in and a 1/2 out. About 1/4 of a mile from the truck we are ambushed by Game Wardens who unannounced OPEN fire on us– WITH MANY SHOTS, killing my dog Grim and forcing me to the ground at gunpoint!

I find out quickly after leaving the scene that this *uinn guy saw my truck there and called the Game Wardens telling them he has run me off his places SEVERAL times and now I was hunting on them! WTF???

Again- I have NEVER to my knowledge seen this guy face to face and my ONLY contact with him was the phone call he asked me to make to him with the note on my windshield!

Right then I realize what I heard about this guy being NUTS is TRUE!

Now again this is mainly theory- but *uinn calling in the report of me hunting without permission and telling this to the head Game Ranger who deer hunts the place and has NO IDEA I also have permission- is likely like pouring gasoline on a fire! Honestly, I’d be PISSED too- but that is NO EXCUSE for the actions that followed!

I posted this story to Facebook and it went viral in an hour- in 30 minutes guess who sent me a text in Facebook Messenger? I have not opened it nor answered it but it shows how bat shit crazy this guy is!

Hey- to you Game Wardens reading this- and I KNOW you are- YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYED LIKE A GRAND PIANO by your friend *uinn across the road from your sacred deer hunting spot! He has also thrown ME under the bus!

I am a respectful hunter-check your records, I HAVE NEVER hunted where I do not have Permission! PERIOD! I hunt small varmints with my 15 lb grown terriers without a gun -I use a shovel. That’s it. NO EXCEPTIONS

I don’t Deer Hunt. I don’t Turkey Hunt. I DO respect that you deer or turkey hunt and the investment they make to do it a few weeks out of the year. Even with the permission – I still WOULD NOT HAVE HUNTED IT HAD I KNOWN ANYONE WAS ACTIVELY DEER HUNTING THAT PARTICULAR LAND!

I hunt small varmints- that’s all. I am not after trophies- I am not after meat. I enjoy watching my small terriers work. THAT’S ALL! I can do that on any creek in my area and don’t mind at all staying off yours during deer season.

So you guys SCREWED up- Now I am on my way to jail with a Sheriff’s Deputy and you guys are sitting around the pickups think you have covered your asses NEVER expecting this fallout!

So as I am handcuffed and being driven off while my wife Randi shows up to get the dogs you made me leave tied to trees. Thank GOD because I KNOW you wanted to KILL them!

Now Get This Shit!

( As relayed to me after 2.5 days in jail waiting on a bond)

Grims blood soaked body- died so these bastard Game Wardens could deer hunt

My wife asks for the blood soaked body of her boy Grim and they refused it to her– declaring “It’s EVIDENCE!  Can you believe that shit?

She says “I’m not leaving here without my fucking dog!” ( You can see why I love her SO MUCH)

So this fourth Game Warden comes forward and says “We will let you  take the dog if you will agree to sign a statement saying the dog was aggressive” WTF? My wife replied ” My dog WASN’T aggressive-grabbed a statement and wrote “Grim was a sweet dog” or something to that effect- then said “Fuck you- you killed my dog!! Then just took Grim’s lifeless body off their tailgate on her own in her arms while being covered in his blood and placed him in the front seat of my truck and took him home to bury him in our pet cemetery in our backyard. That’s the pic she took here.

What a classless bunch of cocksuckers all of you 4 Game Wardens showed to be! Fucking shame you claim to serve the public!

Hey HEAD GAME WARDEN reading this- want to know what CLASS is?

You know who YOU are you POS- you are the one in plains clothes and the mask over his face because you have COVID

Ask the lady in the text messages- the landowner you are related to-ask her who she called  8 years ago when the Kindergarten Class at Pioneer School in Elk City didn’t have jackets for school and it was freezing out!

I will save you the call because I doubt you would make the call. SHE CALLED MY WIFE! She told us the kids didn’t have jackets and it was freezing and wanted to know if we could buy a few to help. My wife and I headed straight to Wal Mart in Elk City and bought THE ENTIRE RACK of childrens jackets stuffing two shopping carts completely full and took them to her! When she asked if she could “Name Us” we told her ‘no” we preferred to remain anonymous! Give her a call and see if that’s true you classless piece of scum!

Thats fucking class!You could not even carry the lifeless body of her dog you killed to the fucking pickup for her and tried to hold it hostage for your ass covering fucking cowardly statement! ALL of you are REAL pieces of shit.

My wife and I have donated to COUNTLESS causes and charities in the years since almost 20 years since my felony drug conviction! I have spent my entire 17 marriage with her trying to atone for my mistake and make amends for my past.In ONE morning on a creek you shot that all to hell over some fucking deer hunting and put this shit out where my kids friends see it in school!

Shame on you Sons of Bitches!

Folks these are Oklahoma’s Finest at Oklahoma Department of Wildlife

I have MORE screenshots and video to share-but will save each to use as a response each time The Oklahoma Department Of Wildlife responds with lies

Here is the video of Grim’s final hunt before being ambushed by Oklahoma Game Wardens

I greatly appreciate ALL the offers to help and the GofundMe offers but my pride has me hoping I can finance the legal fees on my own. I have our 34 ft 5th Wheel Travel trailer up for sale to get legal fees started and obtain a lawyer- if you know anyone with a need for it please share it

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HUGE THANK YOU to ALL who have shared this story!

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